Issue 2 – Trouble: Spider-Man’s Aunt & Uncle Have Sex

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 2 - Trouble: Spider-Man's Aunt & Uncle Have Sex


On this episode, the gang gets into trouble!

Trouble By Mark Millar and Terry Dodson

In our second episode, we discuss the flagship book of Marvel’s Epic line. The gang headed out to the Hamptons for a summer of crazy, sex-filled critique of this truly Epic masterpiece. Come along to the beach to tan with Joe as he sings his highest praise of Gilmore Girls and all things teen romance. Pull up a chair while Sly kisses and tells (about comic book imprints and slasher films). Just make sure you knock first if there’s a tie on the door! Ryan’s probably occupied with sweet old Aunt May and her many, many…. many fetishes, Hope you enjoy the ride… we sure did.

Marvel Romance:

Ms. Marvel:

Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane:

Sex Criminals:

Mark Millar And Terry Dodson’s Spider-Man:

Theme Song: Hasbro’s Commercial for Trouble