Issue 9 – Bronze Age Superman: Superman Films a Porno

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 9 - Bronze Age Superman: Superman Films a Porno

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On this episode, the gang begs the question. Superman, what have you done?

I Am Curious (BLACK!) by Robert Khaniger and Werner Roth –

The Kryll Way Of Dying by Doug Moench and Adrian Gonzales –

Superman Makes A Porno! by John Byrne –

In this episode, the gang explores the more nuanced and tasteful side of everyone’s favorite boy scout to help prepare everyone for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. To do, so we venture through the character’s growing pains in the DC Bronze Age. Lois goes black and almost immediately comes back, Superman and Batman share an intimate night under the stars, Superman… well, Superman makes a porno. Joe goes too deep and can’t even tell who he’s trolling anymore. Sly is DEFINITELY not racist and Ryan’s jealousy finally reaches a breaking point. Can Divisive Issues survive all of this? You be the judge.

Recommendations: It’s A Bird by Steven Seagel and Teddy Kristiansen –

Action Comics 830 by Gail Simone and John Byrne –

Man Of Steel by John Byrne –

Theme Song: Kryptonite By Third Eye Blind