Special Edition 1 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman v superman

On this episode, the gang does their most inevitable episode yet, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice because we pretty much had to.

In this episode, the gang (plus one) talks this spring’s best (?) film where heroes fight each other that isn’t X-Men: Apocalypse or Captan America: Civil War and boy, do they love (?) it. Ryan scuba dives to find some super, super, super craptonite, Sly gets caught red handed… literally and hits his breaking point. Joe is even more disappointed with Ryan than he is with this movie. And introducing special guest star Ariel, who immediately fits rights in when she begs the question, what’s going on?

No recommendations due to this episode being long enough. Just go watch a Marvel movie instead.

Theme Song: Luthor’s Theme from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice