Issue 10 – Batman Odyssey Vol. 1: Bat**** Crazy

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 10 - Batman Odyssey Vol. 1: Bat**** Crazy


On this episode, the gang discusses their favorite book since Trouble: Batman Oddysey. Or was it just an batshit insane fever dream? To quote Joe: This book is just our podcast.

Batman Odyssey By Neal Adams –

In this episode, we discuss the absolute craziest thing anyone of us have ever read. We also get some classic Joe karaoke time, Ryan is really hankering for some after dinner water to supplement his obsessive love of sandwiches, and Sly’s radio hour features such classic characters as: The Hispanic dracula, Macho Man Randy Batman, and the southern bell heiress to a demon’s criminal empire.

Recommendations saved for Part 2.

Theme Song: Batman Theme from Batman: The TV Show