Issue 20: Frog Thor: Croak For Justice

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 20: Frog Thor: Croak For Justice

frog thor

On this episode, the gang gets in touch with their amphibious side and makes a bunch of dumb frog puns. We’re doing the Frog Thor story.

Thor Croaks or It’s Not Easy Being Green or Sir! by Walt Simonson –

In this episode, we dissect (get it?) the most beloved Thor story, the one where he turns into a frog. Turns out that the positivity from last week is still there and we continue to sing high praises on this show, especially for stories with dumb premises and exceptional executions. Ryan really delves into why he super loves Walt Simonson’s Thor and Loki’s character in general, despite Sly doth protesting too much. Spoilin’ Sly loves to spoil everything from dragons to the fact that he can’t read, but Ryan better not even think about spoiling recommendations. And Phil shows his expertise on the original furries, Greek gods, and when they turn into insatiably sexy moose. Mooses? Meese? Memes?

Recommendations: Uncanny X-Men: Mutant Massacre –

Mouse Guard –

Chrono Trigger –

Secret Wars: Thors –

The Wind In The Willows –

Theme Song: Crazy Frog