Issue 24 – Marvel vs Discrimination

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 24 - Marvel vs Discrimination

Marvel vs Discrimination

On this episode, the gang goes back in time to the 60s and 70s to talk about the edgelords/Social Justice Warriors of our parents’ day, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee and see how they tackle discrimination.

A Visit With The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby –

The Hate-Monger! by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby –

Come On In… The Revolution’s Fine! By Roy Thomas and John Buscema –

They Shoot Hulks, Don’t They? by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe –

When Sunfire Strikes! by Roy Thomas and Don Heck –

This week, we go back to earlier day with a compilation of issues from an era gone by, but no porn this time! Primarily sexism, but we throw a little racism in the mix, too. Even though there’s a huge hate ray, we don’t fight that much (for us), but actually have a real conversation about pre-pentagon papers America and if we’ve actually made progress since then. But Sly shames Ryan and Phil because they aren’t as enamored as giant machines, Whirlwind, and Radioactive Man as Sly is. Phil compares Stan Lee to Virgina Woolf and asks the question, did these issues really need to be written? Darryl wants to host a wine and cheese fundraiser for the Hulk. And even Ryan gets fed up with these issues and wants to just fly through all this gold material. And never forget that until men truly love each other, regardless of race, creed, or color, The Hate Monger will still be undefeated.

Silver Surfer by Stan Lee and John Buscema –

The Wire Season One –

A Room Of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf –

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel –

The Color Purple By Alice Walker –

Sly’s recommendation is Roy Thomas’ X-Men and it’s linked at the top.

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka –

Theme Song: Ride Of The Valkyries