Issue 30 – Dracula vs Marvel: Balanced Fights

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 30 - Dracula vs Marvel: Balanced Fights


On this episode, the gang starts their spooky Octremble spooktacular, starring the premiere Vampire himself!

Tomb Of Dracula – His Name Is… Blade! –

Uncanny X-Men – Night Screams! –

The Mighty Thor – Blood Of A Goddess! –

In this episode, we really show our love for Halloween and complain about how cliche it is the whole time. We also love to show off our Dracula impressions and discuss the true canon, Castlevania. And wow, is Thor lore confusing. Phil knows a lot about the Count and how he’s actually way more politically motivated than you’d think. Darryl’s already scary enough as is and drops a bomb on us that he has a blog. Spoilin’ Sly gets waaaaaay morbid and shows humanity what’s really scary. Ryan launches his new security system, guaranteed to repel all evil.

Castlevania –

Vlad The Impaler –

The New Deadwardians –

Horror Of Dracula –

Theme Song: Dragula by Rob Zombie

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