Issue 35 – Barack Obama Comics

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 35 - Barack Obama Comics

Barack Obama

On this episode, we say our farewells to Barack Obama. Have you heard of him?

Spidey Meets The President! –

Barack The Barbarian –

Air Gear Meets President Omaha –

In this episode, we talk about our favorite comic book character, President Obama. This was recorded live right after election day and definitely not a week before so all political news is breaking, fact-checked, and reliable. Ryan’s Spider-Man issue is a perfect example of Obama’s revisionist history. Phil gives a pep talk to some high school students about how uncool Obama is before becoming the President himself. Sly braces for Trump’s executive order of execution for defamation of character. More than ever, Darryl leads the charge of “seriously, what the hell is going on here?”

The Curse Of Superman –

Metal Wolf Chaos –

Audacity Of Hope –

Obama Chuckled: You Mean The Chaos Emeralds? –

Theme Song: Obama Mic Drop: 1999

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