Episode 6 – Republican Hypocrisy & You

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Episode 6 – Republican Hypocrisy & You


Obama, the worst president ever, had sooo many vacations, right? And they were so expensive! What, you’re saying Trump might outpace Obama’s entire vacation count before his first year is even up? I don’t believe you. In fact, I’m going to double down.

In this episode, we discuss Republican hypocrisy, how little they care about it, and how the left should react to it. It’s only 10 years in but Ryan is already sick of Trump’s record-long Presidency. Sly names the man he believes to be responsible for the end of western hypocrisy. Phil announces his support for the Republican healthcare bill while Darryl shows him up with some sourced quotes.

Song: Punky Reggae Party by Bob Marley




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