Issue 45 – Killing X-Men Part 1: Death Of Wolverine


On this episode, the gang’s the best at what they do, and what they do isn’t keeping Wolverine alive.

Death Of Wolverine by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven –

In this episode, we watch the ol’ Canuck die in part 1 of our 2 part series: killing X-Men. It turns out Marvel would rather see the X-Men die before letting Fox get the rights to them. Ryan gets an adamantium injection into his “bone.” Sly grabs some forks and run around as “definitely-his-favorite” X-Man. Phil knows a lot about Japanese culture. Darryl has Nemesis flashbacks, but that’s nothing new. Come back next time and we’ll kill Cyclops!

Theme: A Little Prayer (Wolverine’s Theme)

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