Issue 48: Before Rorschach: The Question & Mr. A

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Issue 48: Before Rorschach: The Question & Mr. A


In this episode, the gang poses a lot of questions. Who watches the Watchmen? What questions does the Question question? Why is Mr. A such an A-hole?

We discuss the two characters who were the inspiration for Rorschach in Watchmen. We discuss their origins, their politics, and their unique creator, Steve Ditko. Sly can’t help but defend a fellow asshole while Ryan gets slowly won over by Phil’s wish fulfillment character. Phil is not impressed by superheroes with a play-doh face and while Darryl is not impressed by Ryan’s idea of a joke.

Comics: Blue Beetle 1, Witzend 3, The Question 1, 2, 8]

Clip: Kent Brockman from the Simpsons

Theme Song: Jeopardy Theme

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