Issue 49: Bush, Putin & Pope Benedict vs Hitler

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Issue 49: Bush, Putin & Pope Benedict vs Hitler

Pope Benedict

On this episode, the gang turns to a simpler time in geopolitical history, when Hitler’s moonbase attacked the world and only the 5 greatest Mahjong players could stop him, the leaders of the free world! Players like George Bush Sr., Pope Benedict, and Vladimir Putin!

The Legend Of Koizumi by Owada Hideki

In this episode, we reminisce about the good ol’ days of politics, when the fate of the world was constantly determined by a tile game. Sly marvels at Putin’s majesty for the umpteenth time. Ryan is the true Papa Bush, who’s pre-emptive strike abilities are over 9000. Darryl is really struggling to learn the rules of Mahjong and it’s kind of like rummy? And in a Divisive Issues first, Phil has some real life ties to one of the characters in this book!

Theme: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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