Episode 13 – The Rise of the Machines

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Episode 13 – The Rise of the Machines


To follow up our last informative episode on Climate Change, we’re going to do some factless fearmongering about the dystopian machine future.

The gang decides to talk about automation and the machine workforce replacing humans. Since data is scarce on this issue, we quickly devolve into a discussion about how machines are going to kill us all. We promise the next episode will not feature Terminator imagery or talks about dystopion futures. Phil can’t wait to rub our impending deaths into Darryl’s face. Ryan doesn’t care what kills us as long as it’s soon. Sly is just afraid of everything while Darryl does not appreciate our new InfoWars format.

Theme Song: Terminator 2 Theme

Humans Need Not Apply

Why Automation is Different This Time

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