Episode 16 – Aren’t Both Sides Just As Bad?

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 16 – Aren’t Both Sides Just As Bad?

On this episode, Ryan interviewed regular host Sly and regular listener Evan. Neither of them fit into either political party. Sly is further left than the Democratic party and Evan’s between them. Is Sly a filthy commie? Is Evan a milquetoast centrist? Are both sides just as bad? (No)

Don’t worry too much, Sly and Evan do not sit down together, otherwise your headphones would explode.

First, Sly tells us his ideal political utopia. He also admits he only became a communist to look cool and is a total Bernie Sanders hipster. Why won’t Bernie join the Democrats? If Sly hates them so much, why is he a registered Dem? How does Sly feel about third parties?

Then, Evan joins to tell about his political journey. How does a mild mannered middle school metal-head go from self-identified liberal to right-leaning, centrist troll of our facebook group? When did he drift into the middle? How did an uber-liberal college shape his opinions? How does Evan feel about third parties?

A bonus interview with a retired member of the NYPD (and a certain host’s Dad) will be up this weekend, touching on some similar themes and a whole lot more history.

Make sure you stick around for the next episode to hear Phil (he’s back!), Darryl, Ryan, and Sly talk about the political journey they all went through to get where they are now. Spoilers, they used to be way dumber and way more problematic.

Theme Song – Your Party by Ween

Special thanks to Ryan from Tales From The Static for helping out with the intro.

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