Episode 21 – Rightwing Aunties vs. Antifa: Protest The Way I Tell You To!

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 21 - Rightwing Aunties vs. Antifa: Protest The Way I Tell You To!
White moderates will hate you no matter how you act, so you might as well protest against all forms of injustice.
“Why can’t you protest like Martin Luther King? He was one of the good ones!”

On this episode, we discuss some of the recent waves of protest in America. We start with the NFL kneeling controversy started by Colin Kaepernick. Then we touch upon how Trump has only made the issue more divisive. Plus we cover some history and Antifa.

This episode serves as Part 3 in our never-ending argument: Trump’s President Now: Should We Punch Nazis? and Charlottesville Happened: Can We PLEASE Punch Nazis Now?

This episode gets a little heated. Darryl gives some comprehensive context for the current NFL controversy, including Kaepernick’s meeting with a veteran player to assess the most respectful way to protest. Ryan’s an incredibly bitter nerd who seriously hates football for it’s violent tendencies, but is starting to come around to Antifa and… their violent tendencies? Phil’s back to talk about… you guessed it! Appealing to centrists and history! This time it’s all about unions and protest in America. And Sly lives up to his title as the Alex Jones of Oops, I Talked By Politics! by rage-quitting the show. How’s that for a protest?

P.S. This episode was recorded before this happened, but lol homophobic sentient-loaf-of-white-bread VP Pence is protesting football in the fakest way possible.

MLK’s Letter From A Birmingham Jail

A History Of Antifa Protest, Their Handbook
Sly was just on Ryan’s other podcast, WGiRNY, to promote the beautiful merch he made for them.
Theme Song – Baby, I’m An Anarchist by Against Me!
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