Episode 23: Losing My Religion, But Not That REM Song

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 23: Losing My Religion, But Not That REM Song
“Shut Up, Dad, I’m going out to blaspheme”

On this episode, we took a break from the usual political topics to talk religion. Darryl and Ryan are joined by network leader Malcolm Nygard and We’ll Get It Right Next Year’s Michael M. Rader to discuss their Christian upbringing and how that factors into their modern liberal sensibilities.

For this episode, Ryan builds his Jesus ethos by revealing he was raised a Catholic who maybe sort of went to church every once in a while. Darryl apparently had no real exposure to organized religion until he read the bible after he graduated college. Malcolm talks about his wholesome upbringing in a great church with a great community. Michael’s journey with Christianity was a little more intense until he ended up the full blown atheist we all know and love today. We also talk extensively about how obnoxious we all were as angsty teens. And how weird Paul is.

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