Episode 29: Trump vs Obama – Whoever Loses, Neoliberals Win

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 29: Trump vs Obama - Whoever Loses, Neoliberals Win
I really miss Obama
“I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet. Period.”

Thanks, Obama. It’s time or the left to cannibalize itself. We all know Trump’s the worst president in modern American history. But was Obama perfect? We’ve wanted to talk about Obama’s flaws and problems for a while, but it’s important to keep in mind that Trump is So. Much. Worse.

Phil breaks down some of the nonsense Obama had to deal with, like his “lazy” vacation schedule and how it compares to Trump’s and Bush’s. Similarly, he compares “tyrant” Obama’s Executive Orders. The republican presidents were way worse, can you believe it? Darryl goes through the timeline of drone strikes and compares civilian deaths throughout our endless war with anyone we feel like attacking. Ryan focuses on Health Care, not the Trumpcare bills we covered previously, but some of the problems with Obamacare, which are all Joe Lieberman’s fault (and by proxy, Obama). Sly lays out his case against neoliberalism, especially during the Wall Street bailout, and wow, even just the foreplay is enough to radicalize us.

Some sources:

Joe Lieberman ruined health care

Seriously, he really sucks

Good thing we needed him for Obamacare

Tim Geithner is maybe worse, though

Obama’s Financial Policies sure were something

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