Annual 2 Part 2: The Ultimates 1 Vol 2 – The A On My Head Stands For ***Hole

Why is Mark Millar like this?
“Surrender? SURRENDER?

Here we are again. Back to Ultimates. Guess what? The second half is way worse!

Make sure you listen to our last episode, where we covered the first half of Ultimates, before this one!

Ryan admits he was wrong and there’s no deconstruction or satire, just toxic masculinity. For real this time. Darryl is just blown away by just how Millar has poisoned us all. Phil compares him to Shakespeare. Sly just wants to put Ryan on blast for how dumb he is, but Ryan’s just lying down and taking it. We’ve been doing this for two years and we’re just broken. Happy anniversary, y’all.

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