Issue 63 – My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness – The Title Says It All

Lesbians, ya know?
“My Private Report On Too Real Relatability”

We’re pretty sick of doing dumb and bad books, so we let Darryl pick one. He picked an autobiographical manga that really resonated with all of us, and hopefully you, too. A young woman’s journey through her crippling depression and anxiety as she comes to terms with herself and her sexuality as a lesbian. Not a lot of goofs here, y’all.

On this episode, we get another insight into the kinds of books Darryl would do if he controlled the podcast (hint: good ones). Ryan hides behind jokes (what else is new). Phil finally finds out if sex work is legal in Japan. Sly finds a secret boy hole that none of us knew about.

Just a heads up, we talk extensively about sex, prostitution, depression, anxiety, self harm, and suicide in this episode.

Comics Covered: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Recommendation: Jeffrey Brown’s Graphic Novels

Theme song: Turn Me On

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