DM It All: The Tomb of Horrors (Pilot)

Tomb of HorrorsSo we’ve recently launched “DM It All”, a new show where we talk about D&D and other tabletop gaming books. Curious about D&D history and old adventures? Well, we discuss that here. Our first episode is covering the Tomb of Horrors, one of the most infamous dungeons in D&D history. You can see the actual Tomb of Horrors episode by Darryl & Sly here.

This podcast episode is not the final video but it is our first attempt at it. This is a more casual and abridged walkthrough of the dungeon where Ryan tries to navigate the Tomb while Sly plays the role of dungeon master. While not the style we settled on for the final video, it’s a fun approach regardless and we figured the final product was still worth featuring.