Issue 65 – Better A Dead Lantern, Than a Red Lantern

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 65 - Better A Dead Lantern, Than a Red Lantern
Red Lanterns get way cooler when it's a cat that vomits blood in the 00s.
“If all superheroes are equal, how are some Superer than others?”

Oops, We Talked Politics this week, everybody. We cover one arc of Steve Englehart’s Green Lantern, Red Lantern. An alien Green Lantern defects to Russia at the height of the Cold War and meets Gorbachev. It goes about how you would expect. Oh, also a 12 year old girl uses a ring to turn into an adult and make out with Hal Jordan. Yikes.

In this episode, Ryan’s dreams finally come true and he gets to talk about Green Lantern lore FOREVER. We talk a lot about Guy Gardner, the greatest Green Lantern ever. Somehow, Phil follows suit and falls in love with Guy, too. Darryl’s love for Salaak (and Ch’P) make their first appearance. Sly’s just a simple, gorilla man commie. If you’re interested in some of the old stuff we talk about, some old episodes we reference: Steve Englehart’s Doctor Strange getting cucked by Ben Franklin and the last time Green Lantern got political, John Stewart’s first appearance.

Comics Covered: Green Lantern 207-210

Theme song: The Ballad Of Red And Green By Eric Manwiller

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