Season 1, Episode 3: Sick, Tired, and in the Tomb

Tomb Or Tome
Tomb Or Tome
Season 1, Episode 3: Sick, Tired, and in the Tomb

National Novel Writing Month is… looking grim! The Steffens have a lot on their plate: besides losing a whole episode they had *just* recorded beforehand (RIP lost-cast), their books are on the IV drip as they struggle to write a mere 2 weeks in! They openly complain about the pacing, oversights & general faults in their books; the road to 50,000 words is becoming ever-more perilous!

In Darryl’s novel, Wyren & his mentor Yirris have reached the military heart of Darryl’s fantasy world, and prepare to confront the main villain. Liz’s main character Tal goes down a dark path as he begins draining the life from his girlfriend—something her demon-hunting teacher is keen to notice! And Ian gives some depth to his characters on their journey westward, expanding his world’s lore. Maybe the Steffens can pull the one foot they have in the tomb out?… Maybe?… Hopefully?…

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