Issue 70: This Stan, This Monster! If This Be My Desti-Lee – Stan Lee’s Best Work

Ryan will never not love Stan Lee
And Who Shall Mourn For Stan Lee? Probably Us!

We’re still talking about Stan Lee! But this time, his best work, at least according to Sly and Ryan! Some Classic Kirby Fantastic Four! Some Ditko Spider-Man! And some Buscema Silver Surfer!

We cover:

Fantastic Four 51 – This Man… This Monster!

Amazing Spider-Man 31-33 – If This Be My Destiny!

Silver Surfer 5 – And Who Shall Mourn For Him?

On this episode, Ryan coins some terms and has some hot takes. Phil starts… defending comics? Sly gives his thesis on why Spider-Man rules. And Darryl blasphemes about what he enjoys.

Phil Guested on Ryan’s Other Podcast!


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