Issue 76: Identity Crisis Part 2 – The Murderer Was… A Plot Hole!

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 76: Identity Crisis Part 2 – The Murderer Was... A Plot Hole!
My feelings on Identity Crisis are still so torn
“What if the Elongated Man stretched his way into grittiness?

We finish DC’s mega-event that changed everything, Identity Crisis! Is the ending satisfying? Does it make sense? And why does everyone hate Captain Boomerang?

Check out our last episode, Identity Crisis Part 1, first if you haven’t!

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In this episode, Ryan struggles to defend why cynicism can be good when it’s in a story he kinda likes. Sly thinks all superheroes look the same. Darryl discovers the most relatable villain. And Phil just can’t help but nitpick plot holes just because they don’t make any sense and hurt the narrative. What a stickler!


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