Back Issues 2 – Civil War: Were We Wrong To Like This In Our First Episode?

Back Issues is probably my favorite tradition we do.
“I don’t need your Civil War… or do I?”

Yesterday was Christmas, but now it’s time to look towards the future. I mean, let’s live in the past! As part of our annual Back Issues tradition, we make Phil and Darryl read a book we covered in our FIRST EPISODE EVER. Marvel’s Civil War! By our nothing-but-problematic-fave Mark Millar! We actually liked it a lot two years ago, but does it hold up to our comic newbie hosts?

We also pick our favorites and least favorite books we covered in 2018 and hoo boy, for four boys with no honor, we sure have a lot of honorable mentions.

In this episode, Sly wants to regulate the Speed Boys of the world, Phil prefers the Millar Universe to the Marvel one, Ryan is proud of Phil for the first time in his life, and Darryl is the only one saddened by the mindless slaughter of Z-list villains.


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