Issue 83: The Downfall of the MODERN Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers!

Ok, fine, Ms. Marvel's pretty cool, I guess
“I’ll show you what it means to be the eighth Captain Marvel!”

We’re back to talk about CAPTAIN MARVEL. Or at least the current one, Carol Danvers. But before she was Captain Marvel. When she was Ms. Marvel. And Binary. And Warbird. You know, Carol Danvers!

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In this episode, we finally cover one of our most requested comics, *shudders* Avengers 200! We also cover some of Ms. Marvel’s history with Rogue and with alcoholism! Phil learns about White Holes, Darryl stands in awe of Avengers #200, Ryan is more like Beast than he realizes, and Sly is gonna get himself both an alien empress AND a clone body.

And Darryl told me to tell you he’s sorry that he accidentally recorded in a bathtub.


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