Bonus: Divisive Issues – Heroes In Crisis Part 1

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Bonus: Divisive Issues - Heroes In Crisis Part 1

It’s our July Patreon drive! Here’s a sample of what we offer our backers. It’s our episode from November 2018, where we covered Heroes In Crisis on a bimonthly basis. This is part 1!

If you subscribe, the rest of the parts are January, March, May, and June. The 1 dollar tier gets you access to the newsletter with pop culture recommendations from hosts, and some exclusive shows, like the audio version of Ryan’s music column, with 10 new episodes dropping throughout the month! The 5 dollar tier gets you all of our bonus episodes, and new ones from every show every month. And the 10 dollar tier gets you a yearly gift box and input on up and coming network episodes! And you can pick an album for Ryan to review!

Head over to or today! Let us know at @divisiveissues on twitter, our facebook group Oops, I Talked Divisive Issues! and use the hashtag #FlyerDrive!