Issue 105 – Bleach Part 4 – Welcome To Hell

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 105 - Bleach Part 4 - Welcome To Hell
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Grimmjow is trying to stop us from reading more

The consensus is in: Bleach is not “terrible!” The gang begins their descent into Bleach’s canonical hell (well, purgatory), Hueco Mundo! Another lady is need of saving, the Espada are in need of a beating, and Kubo’s backgrounds are in need of some buildings! We’re only halfway through, so hang in there!

Darryl pronounces “Re-su-rrec-ción” as “Rez-or-reck-zion” like an estupido extranjero, Phil wants to control our sovereignty, Sly thinks this arc is the best yet, and Ryan has checked out. Podcaster’s note: Nakama means friend.


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