Season 3, Episode 1: Tomba o Tomo

Tomb Or Tome
Tomb Or Tome
Season 3, Episode 1: Tomba o Tomo

We’ve crawled back out of the crypts and are now slumped against our writing desks for another agonizing edition of Tomb or Tome! And what an agonizing edition (2019) it will be! Darryl is trying to continue the same book from last year (as well as 2015), and lays out all the new tidbits he’s discovered re-reading I Was My Stalker. Liz is also continuing her book from last year, though it’s likely her new job will stifle her writing. And Ian—hoo boy—lets luck determine the genre, plot, and characters in his book, and all that can be said is you’ll have to listen to this episode to believe what happens next.

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