Issue 106 – Bleach Part 5 – The Heart. (is dumb)

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 106 - Bleach Part 5 - The Heart. (is dumb)
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“Is that a Heart you have, or are you just happy to see me?”

Let the battle for Fake Karakura Town begin! You guys are excited for this, right? Right?! Well, even if that doesn’t sate you appetite for action, we have Ichigo vs. UIquiorra, and Ichigo vs. Aizen coming up! We’ve been waiting for those fights for so long that they’re bound to be really good and definitely not super long and boring! Prepare for our longest episode yet!

Darryl pronounces “keikaku” as “cake-cock-coo” like a baka gaijin, Phil slips in two different Cell references, Sly defends the parts Darryl hates the most, and Ryan is checked out, having reached his “it’s dumb” quota for Bleach


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