Issue 109: Bleach Part 7 – The End (7)

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 109: Bleach Part 7 - The End (7)
Praise be to Yhwach that it’s finally ending!

This is it! Ichigo must race to the soul palace to save the Soul King! Or… does he have to? Does it matter? Does any of this matter? The DI crew is losing their minds trying to process what is happening at the very end of Bleach, bringing us to perhaps the most daunting question of all: Would we recommend Bleach?

Darryl pronounces omniscience as “am-nish-sense” like a paulo stulti, Phil’s favorite fight ends on a whimper, Sly has had his fill of “BAN-KAI!” hype moments, and Ryan now knows the meaning of TRUE despair.


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