Trade Collection 2: Superman’s “Pal” Jimmy Olsen

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Trade Collection 2: Superman's "Pal" Jimmy Olsen
This is why Jimmy’s always acting out, Superman.

For our second Patreon collection, we’re focusing on the Patreon mascot himself: Jimmy Olsen. For some reason Superman’s powerless sidekick had his own series in the Silver Age and it ran for over 100 issues. But is he really Superman’s Pal or something more sinister? Come and listen to our own unique interpretations to his stories. Also check out the progression as this lovable dork slowly worms his way into Darryl’s heart to become his favorite Superman character.

Jimmy Olsen Issues:
30: “The Son of Superman”
71: “The Plot Against Olsen!”
86: “Jimmy’s D-Day Adventure!”
112: “The Murderous Magnaman!”
125: “Superman’s Saddest Day!”