Trade Collection 5: Modern Comics – Tom King’s Redemption?

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Trade Collection 5: Modern Comics - Tom King's Redemption?
Obviously this was written before Superman renounced his US citizenship.

Our final Trade of Patreon episodes features mostly single issues of random modern comics that almost made it into our main show. Most of these were also released at the tail end of our Patreon’s lifespan so it’s only appropriate to end with them. We check out some weird holiday comics that were leftover from our previous holiday specials. We also check out a definitive Superman story and once again have a Superman debate with Darryl. On top of that, we also revisit Tom King not once but twice in this collection. Tom King finally produces something we like and it happens in the most unexpected book of all.

Issues Covered:
Tom King’s Batman 45-47: “The Gift”
Action Comics 775: “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way?”
Punisher Holiday Special 3: “The Cold Land”
Detective Comics 826: “Slayride”
Batman vs Elmer Fudd: “Pway for me”