Issue 83: The Downfall of the MODERN Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers!

We’re back to talk about CAPTAIN MARVEL. Or at least the current one, Carol Danvers. But before she was Captain Marvel. When she was Ms. Marvel. And Binary. And Warbird. You know, Carol Danvers! Listen to our first three Captain Marvel episodes here In this episode, we finally cover one of our most requested comics, […]

Issue 81: The Legacy Of Captain Marvel

Our Captain Marvel bonanza continues! Legacy’s all grown up now and he’s the new Captain! After his dad came to Earth and died, he came to Earth himself. But what happened next? Did he do his dad’s legacy proud? Spoilers, not exactly… Legacyvember continues HERE! Read along: Peter David’s Second Run On Captain Marvel On this episode, […]

Issue 80: The Successors Of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s Legacy continues when his successors take up the mantle! We take a journey through the 70s, 80s and 90s. And boy, are these issues indicative of the flaws of those decades. Read along: Ms. Marvel’s First Appearance Another Captain Marvel’s First Appearance Monica Gets Political Another Captain Marvel’s First Appearance One More For […]

Issue 79: The Life And Death Of Captain Marvel

We’re going to spend the next month tackling one of the most convoluted and messy names in comics! Not Shazam, not Marvelman, but the one (of seven), the ONLY (of seven), CAPTAIN MARVEL! This episode focuses on the Kree warrior, Captain Mar-Vell! What a very different and original name! From his first appearance, through the […]

Issue 1 – Marvel’s Civil War: Big Premiere Issue!

On this episode, the gang begs the question, What’s so civil about war anyway? Civil War By Mark Millar and Steve McNiven: In our debut episode, the gang talks Marvel’s Civil War by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, because what would a big summer event be without useless tie ins and… shoehorned merchandise? Like […]