Trade Collection 2: Superman’s “Pal” Jimmy Olsen

For our second Patreon collection, we’re focusing on the Patreon mascot himself: Jimmy Olsen. For some reason Superman’s powerless sidekick had his own series in the Silver Age and it ran for over 100 issues. But is he really Superman’s Pal or something more sinister? Come and listen to our own unique interpretations to his […]

Issue 110: Irredeemable – Finally, a Superman that Kills Kids

Superman has gone rogue! Or… not-Superman has gone rogue and it’s up to the not-Justice League to stop him! Darryl, Phil, and Sly take a trip through the first eight issues of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, and emerge out the other end… feeling bad for a genocidal killer? Best to listen to the podcast and not […]

Issue 37 – World Without a Superman 1: Raisin Men

On this episode, the gang wonders what the world we be like without superman. Pretty hit or miss apparently. World Without A Superman/Funeral For A Friend by a bunch of people – In this episode, we continue the Death and Return of Superman with Pt 2, the first half of “Funeral For A Friend.” […]

Issue 13 – Superman Grounded: Sanctimonious Walking

On this episode, the gang teams up with Superman to make America great again. Superman Grounded by J. Michael Straczynski, Eddie Barrows, and Chris Roberson: and In this episode, we take a trip with Superman to walk across America and reconnect with our roots, but mostly just to yell at immigrants that they […]

Special Edition 1 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

On this episode, the gang does their most inevitable episode yet, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice because we pretty much had to. In this episode, the gang (plus one) talks this spring’s best (?) film where heroes fight each other that isn’t X-Men: Apocalypse or Captan America: Civil War and boy, do they love […]