Trade Collection 5: Modern Comics – Tom King’s Redemption?

Obviously this was written before Superman renounced his US citizenship.

Our final Trade of Patreon episodes features mostly single issues of random modern comics that almost made it into our main show. Most of these were also released at the tail end of our Patreon’s lifespan so it’s only appropriate to end with them. We check out some weird holiday comics that were leftover from our previous holiday specials. We also check out a definitive Superman story and once again have a Superman debate with Darryl. On top of that, we also revisit Tom King not once but twice in this collection. Tom King finally produces something we like and it happens in the most unexpected book of all.

Issues Covered:
Tom King’s Batman 45-47: “The Gift”
Action Comics 775: “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, & the American Way?”
Punisher Holiday Special 3: “The Cold Land”
Detective Comics 826: “Slayride”
Batman vs Elmer Fudd: “Pway for me”

Trade Collection 4: Movies – Bleach, Man of Steel, and Titans (kinda)

Bleach is back, baby!

This Patreon collection features the episodes where we were too lazy to narrate comic issues. So we instead have talks about movies instead though some of these discussions are more general discussions about super heroes in general. We discuss Man of Steel, the Bleach movie, and more! We also have a fun skit from Darryl discussing the Titans trailer of “**** Batman” fame.

Films Covered
Bleach: The Soul Reaper Arc (Netflix Movie)
Titans (DC Universe Series)
Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel

Trade Collection 3: Heroes in Crisis (as are the Hosts)

Heroes in Crisis
Harley Quinn can totally kick the asses of everyone here. -Tom King, probably

Our biggest and most successful Patreon collection appropriately features most people’s entryway into comics: a big event. Check out the DI crew experience a DC event in real time as they go through 2019’s Heroes In Crisis! This one focuses on superheroes going through therapy when a massive murder scene occurs. Ryan hates it right off the bat while Sly finds the premise intriguing. Check out who ends up drastically changing their opinion! Also check out Phil and Darryl and their unfortunate

Issues Covered:
Heroes in Crisis 1-9

Trade Collection 2: Superman’s “Pal” Jimmy Olsen

This is why Jimmy’s always acting out, Superman.

For our second Patreon collection, we’re focusing on the Patreon mascot himself: Jimmy Olsen. For some reason Superman’s powerless sidekick had his own series in the Silver Age and it ran for over 100 issues. But is he really Superman’s Pal or something more sinister? Come and listen to our own unique interpretations to his stories. Also check out the progression as this lovable dork slowly worms his way into Darryl’s heart to become his favorite Superman character.

Jimmy Olsen Issues:
30: “The Son of Superman”
71: “The Plot Against Olsen!”
86: “Jimmy’s D-Day Adventure!”
112: “The Murderous Magnaman!”
125: “Superman’s Saddest Day!”

Trade Collection 1: Silly Silver Age Stories

Truly a crucial aspect of DC History – Sly

With the end of the Flying Machine Network, we’re releasing all our old Patreon episodes to our regular feed in bulk! Our first collection features random and goofy Silver Age stories we have covered. These stories include Superman meeting JFK, Batman fighting a frozen Caveman, and a gorilla’s plan to take over the world through his local public library. We also clarify the distinctions between the Silver Age and Golden Age for our comic newbies, Darryl and Phil.

Silver Age Issues:
Action Comics 309: “The Superman Super-Spectacular!”
Detective Comics 337: “Deep Freeze Menace!”
Strange Adventures 75: “Secret of the Man-Ape”
Strange Adventures 100: “The Amazing Trial of John (Gorilla) Doe” Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane 13: “Introducing… Lois Lane’s Parents!”
Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane 79: “The Bride of Titanman!”
Doom Patrol 89: “The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Menace”

Annual 3 Part 1: Ultimates 2 Vol 1 – Not to be Confused with Ultimates 1 Vol 2

In this episode, the gang continues what they started and read Mark Millar’s Ultimates 2. The Millarfication of the Marvel Universe continues! This is the one that everyone seems to love, but will the gang agree with the general consensus? It’s a Mark Millar book so probably not. But tune in anyway to find out!

This is actually our second take at this episode because we actually did lose our original audio despite our claims to the contrary in the emergency MCU episode. So in this episode, gasp as Ryan’s lie is revealed, laugh as Sly gets his kneecaps broken, cry as Phil gives his heartfelt apologies, and snore as Darryl recalls the points he made during our original take.


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Issue 85: The Origin of the NEW Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan

We finally finish talking about Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Marvel Comics in general as we wrap up this long trek through comic history with Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel. And we end it on a high note.

In this episode, we all praise G. Willow Wilson and her success at an editorially mandated Marvel character, Kamala Khan. Ryan is the loremaster this time around because Sly is just too hyped about the next Edgelord August. Phil was just a big smily face emoticon while reading this and Darryl has finally gotten over his ex, Carol Danvers.


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Season 1, Episode 5: Post-mortem

“National Novel Writing Month is done! Or… is it? The Steffen siblings explore what went right and what went horribly, horribly wrong during 2017’s NaNoWriMo. They’ve also read each others’ stories, so prepare for a lot of deep & harsh critiquing on this special post-mortem episode!”

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Episode 48: Should We Fudgepack the Courts?

Truly the Worst Fate to Fall Upon the Supreme Court

The Republicans filibustered Obama’s Supreme Court choice and snuck in their own guy. And now they’ve gone one step lower by appointing a sexual predator! Should the Democrats sit back and take it until their terms expire decades from now? Or should the Democrats consider packing the Courts like FDR did back in the day?

In this episode, the gang talks about the history of court packing and it’s practicality in the modern era. We discuss not just FDR’s infamous courtpacking but also Abraham Lincoln’s. We also get into the dark era of the court that FDR ended and we’re now revisiting. Phil establishes that there gonna be court but not what do. Sly reveals himself to be the most milquetoast piece of **** of all while Darryl just wants blood.

Court Packing Pros and Cons

The Lochner Era

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