One-Shot: Why The Hell Is Captain America A Nazi?


On this episode, the gang is absent, so Ryan interviews some people about Captain America becoming a Nazi! This isn’t an episode on the story Secret Empire, but about the concept of Captain America himself, what he means to people, and how him becoming an agent of Hydra affects fans in different ways.

Special thanks to Sly, David, Henry, and Matt for talking to me!

Theme: Real American by Rick Derringer

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Our Introduction to Comic Terms

Comic Terms.For this special episode, we give some backstory on some tropes, terms, and nonsense words we use all the time. If you’ve never read comic books before or want a sample of what kind of show we are. Here’s the best place to start! Welcome to our “Introduction to Comic Terms.” Check out the rest of our episodes at

Episode 13 – The Rise of the Machines


To follow up our last informative episode on Climate Change, we’re going to do some factless fearmongering about the dystopian machine future.

The gang decides to talk about automation and the machine workforce replacing humans. Since data is scarce on this issue, we quickly devolve into a discussion about how machines are going to kill us all. We promise the next episode will not feature Terminator imagery or talks about dystopion futures. Phil can’t wait to rub our impending deaths into Darryl’s face. Ryan doesn’t care what kills us as long as it’s soon. Sly is just afraid of everything while Darryl does not appreciate our new InfoWars format.

Theme Song: Terminator 2 Theme

Humans Need Not Apply

Why Automation is Different This Time

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Issue 50 – Midnighter: Gay Nemesis Batman

In this episode, Divisive Issues struggles to balance it’s edgelord tendencies and a normal perspective on the world.

Midnighter Vol 1: Out by Steve Orlando and ACO

In a truly divisive episode, the gang discusses the first volume of the New 52 Midnighter book. Midnighter is basically gay Batman with the edginess of Nemesis. Darryl has supported both of these ideas but is this truly what he wanted? Phil is sick of Sly bashing his bourgeois friends while Ryan is sick of Phil’s kink-shaming. And finally, Sly’s imprint corner makes a glorious comeback.

Theme: I’m a Midnight Mover – Bobby Womack

Clip: Who’s Line Is it Anyway?

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Episode 12 – Is it Hot in Here Or Is it Just Climate Change?

Climate Change

In this episode, we discuss another source of our impending doom: Climate Change.

Trump has signaled he is leaving the Paris agreement, so we decided explain the agreement and the apocalyptic future it at least tried to address. Ryan overcomes his shame and plays high school science teacher while Sly affectionately gives a fun pet name to the “viewers.” Phil is finally outed as Ryan’s libertarian conspiracy theory friend while Darryl ruins Phil’s segment.

Theme Song: Hot in Here – Nelly

Article: Climate Change: How Do We Know?

Article: Don Beyer Says 97 percent of Scientists Believe Humans Contribute to Global Warming

Article: Fact Checking Trump’s Claims on the Paris Climate Change Deal

Article: Why Nicaragua and Syria Didn’t Join the Paris Climate Accord

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Issue 49: Bush, Putin & Pope Benedict vs Hitler

Pope Benedict

On this episode, the gang turns to a simpler time in geopolitical history, when Hitler’s moonbase attacked the world and only the 5 greatest Mahjong players could stop him, the leaders of the free world! Players like George Bush Sr., Pope Benedict, and Vladimir Putin!

The Legend Of Koizumi by Owada Hideki

In this episode, we reminisce about the good ol’ days of politics, when the fate of the world was constantly determined by a tile game. Sly marvels at Putin’s majesty for the umpteenth time. Ryan is the true Papa Bush, who’s pre-emptive strike abilities are over 9000. Darryl is really struggling to learn the rules of Mahjong and it’s kind of like rummy? And in a Divisive Issues first, Phil has some real life ties to one of the characters in this book!

Theme: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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Episode 11 – Cold War II: The Rise of Pootie-Poot


In this episode, the gang talks about one of the scariest figures on the modern world stage: Pootie-Poot.

With the all the recent news about Trump and Russia, we decided to talk about Putin and the Cold War II that has been developing in recent years. We also talk about the literal liberal fake news about Trump and Russia. Ryan reveals the sinister truth behind our network, Comrade Radio. Sly admits he wants Trump to have four years to destroy this country. Phil has no patience for Russian spies who look like testicles but all Darryl cares about is the Pee Pee tape.

Theme Song: Giga Pudding Theme

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Issue 48: Before Rorschach: The Question & Mr. A


In this episode, the gang poses a lot of questions. Who watches the Watchmen? What questions does the Question question? Why is Mr. A such an A-hole?

We discuss the two characters who were the inspiration for Rorschach in Watchmen. We discuss their origins, their politics, and their unique creator, Steve Ditko. Sly can’t help but defend a fellow asshole while Ryan gets slowly won over by Phil’s wish fulfillment character. Phil is not impressed by superheroes with a play-doh face and while Darryl is not impressed by Ryan’s idea of a joke.

Comics: Blue Beetle 1, Witzend 3, The Question 1, 2, 8]

Clip: Kent Brockman from the Simpsons

Theme Song: Jeopardy Theme

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Episode 10 – American Healthcare Horror Story


In this episode, the gang prepares for death.

The AHCA has passed the House and we scrapped our previous show idea to discuss it as it moves to the Senate. We also discuss the flawed but vastly superior Obamacare it is replacing. Sly reveals a lot about his twisted Communist world view. Ryan demands everyone spam their representatives every day to say “thank you.” Phil can’t stop raving about the new healthcare plan and Darryl wishes there was more Presidential tweeting.

Correction: The Republicans did not bring beer to the floor of the house to celebrate. Fake news.

Theme Song: Many Men – 50 Cent

Clip: Paul Ryan in 2010 on Obamacare

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Issue 47 – DC’s The Flintstones: Commie Marxist Bull****


On this episode, the gang visits the town of Bedrock and dismantles capitalism!

Flintstones By Mark Russell and Steve Pugh –

In this episode, we read the most talked about book from DC’s new Hanna-Barbera universe, The Flintstones! Watch as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles, and Bam-Bam dismantle capitalism, sexism, genocide, miltary propaganda, traditional marriage, consumerism, religion, and GALACTIC BREAK! Phil wonders if the cartoon Fred Flintstone was a Marxist. Sly hosts part one of the “Moranis Fact Corner.” Ryan’s always striving to be fair and balanced. Darryl is an Eggman apologist who loves robot animals.

Theme: Flintstones by Homer Simpson

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