Issue 50 – Midnighter: Gay Nemesis Batman

In this episode, Divisive Issues struggles to balance it’s edgelord tendencies and a normal perspective on the world. Midnighter Vol 1: Out by Steve Orlando and ACO In a truly divisive episode, the gang discusses the first volume of the New 52 Midnighter book. Midnighter is basically gay Batman with the edginess of Nemesis. Darryl […]

Issue 41 – The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

On this episode, the gang celebrates peace, love, togetherness, nihilism, and edgelord nonsense. The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special – & In this episode, we celebrate Christmas the only way we know how, by murdering Santa Claus. WARNING: Contains Bad Taste In The Form Of Ultra-Violence, Icon-Bashing, And “The Finger.” Think the idea of […]

Issue 23 – The Boys: Garth Ennis Hates Superheroes

On this episode, the gang reviews more edgelord nonsense and we’re really sick of it, but just can’t stop doing it. This is the last time, we promise. The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson – In this episode, we delve back into a ultra violent and profanity filled world, but this time […]

Issue 22 – Mark Millar’s Nemesis & The Unfunnies

On this episode, the gang returns to Mark Millar’s creator-owned Millarworld line of comics and explore the darkest corners and learn nothing of value before begging the question “Can we just not do this episode and forget it ever happened?” Nemesis by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven – The Unfunnies by Mark Millar and […]