Issue 9 – Bronze Age Superman: Superman Films a Porno

On this episode, the gang begs the question. Superman, what have you done? I Am Curious (BLACK!) by Robert Khaniger and Werner Roth – The Kryll Way Of Dying by Doug Moench and Adrian Gonzales – Superman Makes A Porno! by John Byrne – In this episode, the gang explores the more […]

Trade Collection 5: Modern Comics – Tom King’s Redemption?

Our final Trade of Patreon episodes features mostly single issues of random modern comics that almost made it into our main show. Most of these were also released at the tail end of our Patreon’s lifespan so it’s only appropriate to end with them. We check out some weird holiday comics that were leftover from […]

Trade Collection 1: Silly Silver Age Stories

With the end of the Flying Machine Network, we’re releasing all our old Patreon episodes to our regular feed in bulk! Our first collection features random and goofy Silver Age stories we have covered. These stories include Superman meeting JFK, Batman fighting a frozen Caveman, and a gorilla’s plan to take over the world through […]

Back Issues 4: Grounded – Go Walk it Off

It’s the end of the year, which means we’ve compiled our favorites and least favorites of 2019! It was a pretty packed year, so things might shake out differently than you’d expect! Not only that, but Phil and Darryl dive into Superman: Grounded, and walk away from that long walk feeling pretty good. Patreon: Come […]

Issue 94: 52 – Part 1 – The Greatest Superhero Comic Ever Written (Maybe)

We’re going weekly, just like DC did after Infinite Crisis. We’re covering what Ryan and Sly have been hyping for years as the best superhero comic ever written, 52. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be covering 13 issues at a time of the year without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. On this episode, Phil […]

Issue 91: Countdown To Infinite Crisis – Isn’t Blue Beetle The Greatest?

It’s finally here. Hold on to your butts, we’re gearing up to talk about DC’s big event. Not Crisis On Infinite Earths, the very different INFINITE CRISIS! Read Along: Countdown To Infinite Crisis, The OMAC Project, and Superman: Sacrifice On this episode, Phil is smitten with an AI (or just its text), Darryl is smitten […]

Issue 86: Shazam! DC’s Captain Marvel Gets A Reboot!

Note: An Earlier version of this episode with a missing ending was uploaded previously. This is the fixed one! On this episode, we revisit Captain Marvel, but only just barely since he isn’t called that anymore! Just in time for Shazam! We cover the story that we’re pretty sure the movie’s based on, his retold […]

Issue 82: A Very Divisive Christmas With Enough Santa To Go Around

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Santa galore here at DI HQ! We celebrated by showcasing some of our favorite Christmas comics from Marvel and DC. Some of our meaning some hosts, the actual opinions seem to vary wildly. We hope you and your family get along better than we do. On this episode, we cover […]

Episode 41: The Supreme Court: Conservatives Only, Final Earth

In this episode, the gang discusses the Supreme Court and how apolitical it is. Justice Kennedy is retiring and Brett Kavanaugh is taking this place. What does this mean the country? Should we agree with the New York Times that this is a good thing? Was the Supreme Court always this bad? Is it bad […]

Issue 69: Stan Lee Just Imagines Some Weird DC Reboots

We’re continuing our Stan Lee bonanza! So we spend another episode dunking on him. In the early 2000s, he had a series of books called “Just Imagine,” where he rebooted the major DC characters but with one major twist… now they’re dumb! Excelsior! On this episode, we cover Stan’s re-imagining of Superman, Batman, and Wonder […]