Issue 82: A Very Divisive Christmas With Enough Santa To Go Around

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Santa galore here at DI HQ! We celebrated by showcasing some of our favorite Christmas comics from Marvel and DC. Some of our meaning some hosts, the actual opinions seem to vary wildly. We hope you and your family get along better than we do.

On this episode, we cover a myriad of issues. Like the time Dr. Doom was Santa! And the time The Punisher was Santa! Or the time Batman was Santa! Or when a homeless guy was Santa (and hung out with Starman). Also: Superman prevents a holiday suicide and Thanos visits dolphins with baby dolly. Sly has another Freudian slip. Darryl learns the true meaning of bravery. Ryan tries to add in some Christmas spirit. And Phil gets yelled at. A lot.

This is what it looks like when we try to have fun. Looks like next time we’ll be back to Edgelord Lobo Nonsense like we did the last two years.


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