Issue 53 – Death’s Head II: Voted Best Character By 90s Kids

Don't worry, Death's Head is now Death's Head II
Death Head’s II has killed Death’s Head 1!

On this episode, the gang let Darryl pick the book we read. Last time he picked one, it was an existential horror manga that stuck with us for months. This time, it’s a super extreme 90s Marvel book that probably would’ve fit in better during Edgelord August. Apparently Death’s Head II is a rich character with history from Transformers to Doctor Who. Buckle up, it’s quite the journey.

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In this episode, we journey into the minds of our two most intriguing hosts to see where it all started, Death’s Head II. Or maybe Death’s Head I. And maybe Minion. Don’t forget Death’s Head 3.0! Or maybe Death’s Head Cubed? Who knows? There’s a lot of lore to unpack here. All will be revealed as you learn Sly’s original screen name and internet persona. Just why does Darryl want to be Death’s Head II when he grows up? Why does Phil hate time traveling so much? Ryan, as usual, has no idea what’s going on, despite Darryl hyping this when Ryan interviewed him about growing up with these comics.

Theme: We’re In Business by Andrew Thompson

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Issue 52 – Mark Millar’s Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Old Man LoganFor part two of Edgelord August, we revisit the man who brought us to the rodeo: Mark Millar. Old Man Logan was technically the source for the recent Logan film. Is this is another example of a film adaptation being better than a Millar book? (Yes)

We’re back to the usual crew to discuss the usual Millar garbage. Sly tries to hold it in all episode but can’t resist the urge to pop his claws. Ryan gets ready for what is sure to be a fun and goofy story. Phil is back and ready for some more edgelord shit. Darryl points out the politically relevant nature of this 2008 story.

Theme: The Children’s Marching Song

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