Episode 46: Sometimes You Just Gotta Vent About Your Dumb Family’s Dumb Memes

Family sucks, y'all
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The world’s on fire again, so we needed a break. What do you want from us? We’re only human! We take a break from the news and/or history and talk about our family again. You know, those people that you can’t stand that just share memes all day about how Irish people were slaves too and Obama’s a Soros puppet who should be in jail? Yeah, those heroes.

In this episode, Ryan gives his strategy to help the police get the public to trust them again. Phil becomes the world’s ultimate inventor. Darryl fears for his life. And Sly sells oil, but great oil that’s very helpful from only the finest snakes.

Also it’s Ryan’s birthday the day this comes out, tell him happy birthday on twitter. @stoopkidliveson

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Episode 27: Politics With The Family – An Oedipal Journey

Happy New Year, everyone! After a restful and relaxing holiday with our family, we’re back to complain about them! For this special episode, we decided to touch upon how we were raised, politically, when we started to diverge from our parents’ beliefs, and what it’s like dealing with them now. Apparently we can’t help but just talk about our dads the whole time! Wonder what that means?!?

On this episode, Phil desperately tries to psychoanalyze our very obvious hangups. Darryl breaks ranks to talk about… someone other than his Dad. Ryan’s slowly turning into Sly. And Sly takes a genuine turn to talk about his worldview.

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Previous episode with Ryan’s Dad

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