Episode 50: Oops, We Watched A D’Souza “Film”

I really, REALLY hate Dinesh D'Souza
Maybe it doesn’t deserve saving this time around

We watched a Dinesh D’Souza “film” called Death Of A Nation. Whatever you do, don’t watch this god damn movie and DEFINITELY don’t listen to a word this guy says.

On this episode, we celebrate a very successful midterm election by playing chicken with death and watching Death Of A Nation, the Grown Ups 2 of political documentaries. This movie suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Darryl took copious notes documenting all the arguments Dinesh forgets to follow up on. Ryan wants to arrest filmmakers who don’t agree with him. Phil’s basically a scientist arguing flat earthers. And Sly is rushing towards death at 7 times speed.

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Episode 39: Trump Loves Fascism, How About You?

Fascism sucks, dudes.
“What’s next for President Obama, meeting with NORTH KOREA?” – Fox News, 2 years ago

We’re talking Fascism! Everyone’s favorite way to lose all their rights! How’s North Korea diplomacy going? Why is Trump so terrible to our allies, but sucks up to dictators? What about Ur-Fascism or “Eternal Fascism?” Did an article written in 1995 really sum up all of Trump’s tactics?

On this episode, everyone’s three least favorite hosts try to run the show without Ryan, but he’s still the one writing the notes so too bad! Sly does a very convincing Ryan impression while he pretends humanity isn’t doomed to fall to fascism. Darryl gives Trump some pointers on how to really get those libs to fall in line.. with just these 13 EASY STEPS! Phil reminds us of a bunch of world leaders even worse than Trump! Let’s start the summer off right, with a revolution!

And if you live in New York, come visit Ryan and Sly THIS WEEKEND at Cradle Con! And don’t forget to vote in Tuesday’s Primary!

Ur-Facism by Umberto Eco

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All of our past episodes and other projects can be found at www.frondsradio.com
Check out the rest of the shows on the network at http://flyingmachine.network/
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Episode 32: Time To Welcome Our Communist Overlords – China!

Imperialist Dogs and Capitalist Pigs!

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu

We’re here to talk about China. They’re quickly becoming an even larger power, but so what? What kind of influence do they already have? How are they growing it? Just what is free trade and what’s a tariff? And why are all globalists cucks? We answer all these pressing questions and more.

On this episode, Darryl breaks down Trump’s new tariff announcements and asks “Why is Trump doing this dumb thing?” Ryan talks about NAFTA and the TPP and reveals his true motivations. Phil looks at just how terrible of a place China is and how much they pollute. And Sly pretty much does the same thing, but from a different point of view, one that’s got way more cameras!

Further Reading: The Old And New TPP

Some More TPP Sources


China’s Deal With Trump

One Belt, One Road

Twelve Days In Xinjiang

China’s Surveillance State

Theme Song: China Remix Song by Omoizin

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