Issue 63 – My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness – The Title Says It All

Lesbians, ya know?
“My Private Report On Too Real Relatability”

We’re pretty sick of doing dumb and bad books, so we let Darryl pick one. He picked an autobiographical manga that really resonated with all of us, and hopefully you, too. A young woman’s journey through her crippling depression and anxiety as she comes to terms with herself and her sexuality as a lesbian. Not a lot of goofs here, y’all.

On this episode, we get another insight into the kinds of books Darryl would do if he controlled the podcast (hint: good ones). Ryan hides behind jokes (what else is new). Phil finally finds out if sex work is legal in Japan. Sly finds a secret boy hole that none of us knew about.

Just a heads up, we talk extensively about sex, prostitution, depression, anxiety, self harm, and suicide in this episode.

Comics Covered: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

Recommendation: Jeffrey Brown’s Graphic Novels

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Issue 54 – The Maxx: Tricking 8-Year Old Kids Into Feminism Since 1993

The Maxx - He's like Purple Hulk but... Homeless?
The Maxx – He sure looks deep and nuanced, right?

On this episode, the gang reads the first four issues of The Maxx. He looks like a weird, purple Hulk with an overbite, but he’s a lot deeper than that! We swear. Why won’t you believe us?!?

Read along: The Maxx Vol 1

After reading Darryl’s beloved Death’s Head 2 last time, we dip back into Sly’s childhood for The Maxx. Even though it seems like a goofy dystopia, this book apparently introduced Sly to feminism. Does it hold up? Or is our protagonist just a damn snowflake, polluted by our liberal SJW culture? Darryl is really unconvinced if this book is a subversion of an inversion. Phil actually likes a book we picked for the show? Ryan loves this book even though he missed pretty much the whole plot. And is that… Sly apologizing for being salty? It can’t be!


Content Warning: This book heavily features sexual violence against women.

Theme: Max Power From The Simpsons

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Episode 19 – Separating Artists From Their Obama Death Squads

What if the artist is a fraud?
“Galaxy Brain Feminism: Cheating on your wife for 16 years and blaming the patriarchy”

On this episode, we attempt to answer questions that have been plaguing society for years. Can you separate the art from the artist? Where do we draw the line? When is it fair to superimpose the context of the artist into analysis of the original text? Is it hypocritical to call out unethical consumption when you take part in an unethical capitalist system?

This episode has it all. Orson Scott Card, the writer of Ender’s Game, a sci-fi story preaching tolerance, thought Obama was going to become our permanent dictator and had a lot of racist reasons why! Up and coming rapper XXXTentacion writes some pretty powerful songs about teenage depression, but also might be a violent sexist! Turns out feminist nerd favorite Joss Whedon is… not that at all. Does that change his work? Does that make Firefly sexist now? This episode gets real into the weeds about capitalism, you know, like every other episode that Phil and Sly are on.

Orson Scott Card’s Rant

The New Wave Of Rap Violence

Joss Whedon’s Ex-Wife’s Blog Post

Reconsidering The Feminism Of Joss Whedon

Theme Song – Radiohead’s Creep

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