Issue 65 – Better A Dead Lantern, Than a Red Lantern

Red Lanterns get way cooler when it's a cat that vomits blood in the 00s.
“If all superheroes are equal, how are some Superer than others?”

Oops, We Talked Politics this week, everybody. We cover one arc of Steve Englehart’s Green Lantern, Red Lantern. An alien Green Lantern defects to Russia at the height of the Cold War and meets Gorbachev. It goes about how you would expect. Oh, also a 12 year old girl uses a ring to turn into an adult and make out with Hal Jordan. Yikes.

In this episode, Ryan’s dreams finally come true and he gets to talk about Green Lantern lore FOREVER. We talk a lot about Guy Gardner, the greatest Green Lantern ever. Somehow, Phil follows suit and falls in love with Guy, too. Darryl’s love for Salaak (and Ch’P) make their first appearance. Sly’s just a simple, gorilla man commie. If you’re interested in some of the old stuff we talk about, some old episodes we reference: Steve Englehart’s Doctor Strange getting cucked by Ben Franklin and the last time Green Lantern got political, John Stewart’s first appearance.

Comics Covered: Green Lantern 207-210

Theme song: The Ballad Of Red And Green By Eric Manwiller

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Issue 57 – Green Lantern’s Descent Into Madness & the Origin of Fridging

My new jewelry is to DIE for!

Welcome to our second annual Legacyvember, Somebody-Kill-Me-November, Thanks-for-killing-my-favorite-characters-giving extravaganza. This month, we’re talking Green Lantern. In the 90s, Green Lantern went crazy, killed everybody, and was radically re-imagined as another 5’10” white guy with dark hair! So progressive! Plus the origin of the trope “Fridging,” when a female character is brutalized to motivate a male character! So progressive!

Read along: Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight and A New Dawn by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks

On this episode, we finally reveal just where the term “fridging” comes from, everyone’s favorite sexist trope! It’s been a year since we talked about The Death and Return of Superman. What happened next for Green Lantern after his city was destroyed? And how was it different from the last time a new Green Lantern showed up? Sly brings back his lore corner! Ryan really spent a lot of time talking about this story in college. Phil reveals his true superhero alter identity, The Hobo! Darryl’s been waiting to see if this story lives up to the hype for years. Does it?

Content Warning: This episode heavily discusses brutal violence against women.

Gail Simone’s Women In Refrigerators Website

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