Event Tie-In: Scooby Apocalypse – Not Your Dad’s Scooby Doo

Editorial is pushing the big event so…

It’s the big patreon drive! So we joined up with Network host and honorary member of the Clue Crew, Nick Wood! We cover the first six issues of Scooby Apocalypse, the gritty reboot of the beloved franchise!

On this episode, Ryan desperately tries to defend the creative team. Nick defines his entire life by a less-than-perfect obsession. Darryl reveals his secret talents. And Phil exposits. A lot.

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Bonus: Divisive Issues – Heroes In Crisis Part 1

It’s our July Patreon drive! Here’s a sample of what we offer our backers. It’s our episode from November 2018, where we covered Heroes In Crisis on a bimonthly basis. This is part 1!

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Exclusive Patreon Bonus Episode Teaser

“Sly charges us a lot for this art”

We’ve mentioned it a bunch of times, but we have a patreon! Here’s an exclusive clip from this month’s Patreon bonus episode to entice you into giving us money. So? Are you enticed?!? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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All of our past episodes and other projects can be found at www.frondsradio.com
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Join our facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/oopsitalkeddivisiveissues
As always, Sly, and Darryl, Ryan’s other work can be found at: novel-graphics.com, minorbits.blogspot.com/, and http://wgirny.libsyn.com/website