33 & 1/3 Under 45: Encore

33 & 1/3 Under 45
33 & 1/3 Under 45
33 & 1/3 Under 45: Encore
33 and ⅓ was a monthly music column by Ryan Lynch, exploring the records that keep him inspired in a cynical world

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Hoo boy, here we are. The day after Trump left the White House. What a disaster this whole thing was. The work continues, clearly, but Jesus Christ, dudes, thank god that’s over.

To celebrate/close this door, I’ve made a farewell playlist of 33 songs from the Trump campaign/presidency that mean a lot to me as we move on from this disaster. I really like how it came out and I hope you do, too!


Anyway, I’m wrapping up the show. As I’ve talked about in the past, the show was primarily a way for me to express a lot of the stress and anxieties I was having under 45 and it really helped me so much and I’m immensely grateful for everyone who came along with me. I had the idea for the column after my wedding, where our ceremony was pretty much the first episode of the show. Instead of readings from religious texts, we pulled lyrics from songs that meant the most to us and interwove them through stories of what made us fall in love. That day also re-opened my love of performance and was the first step for me getting back into writing and playing out again for the first time in a few years.

One of the main reasons I want to wrap up the show is that now that Premium Heart is writing our follow up to “Kosciuszko,” I want to really be able to focus on writing music and lyrics again and I’ve felt like a lot of the things I want to say were easier to write here instead of there and I don’t want to split my writing anymore. So make sure you stay in touch through Premium Heart or my twitter or whatever! And just like… be cool and nice all the time.

Eternally grateful,

Ryan Lynch