Issue 5 – X-Men She Lies With Angels (Literally)

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 5 - X-Men She Lies With Angels (Literally)


On this episode the gang takes a trip back to 1950s Kentucky. Or maybe it’s Verona in the Renaissance? Or maybe it’s just 2004 Marvel.

Uncanny X-Men: She Lies With Angels by Chuck Austen and Salvador Larroca

In our fifth episode, we explore the depths of literary subtlety and nuances as we explore the most necessary retelling of ol’ Billy Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet to date. This time there’s mechs! While Ryan finally realizes that Josh’s wings are real, Joe and Sly take a trip to middle school where Joe falls in love with the big, strong, awesome Juggernaut all over again and Sly thinks romance is super duper icky. And Ryan’s stupid letters page joke finally comes to a close as we get our first actual questions!

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Theme Song: Theme from Deliverance