Issue 7 – Punisher/Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 7 - Punisher/Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

marvel universe

On this episode, the gang kills the marvel universe. So does the Punisher. So does Deadpool. I mean Daredevil. I mean Deadpool.

Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe:

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe:

In this episode, the gang actually disagrees on who does a better job at killing all the Marvel characters. So much so that we seem to be convinced that the books don’t even have the characters right. Hyperbolic Sly makes an early appearance. Joe is just really not having a good night. And Ryan gets bullied till he wants to kill the Divisive Issues universe. We also talk head canon and answer listener questions.

Recommendations: Ruins by Warren Ellis, Terese Nielsen, Cliff Nielsen, and Chris Moeller:

Garth Ennis’ Punisher:

Daredevil: End Of Days:

Theme Song: I Whipped Spider-Man’s Ass by Wesley Willis