Issue 11 – Batman Odyssey Vol. 2: Riding Dinosaurs

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 11 - Batman Odyssey Vol. 2: Riding Dinosaurs


On this episode, the gang falls even deeper down the rabbit/dinosaur hole with the second part of Batman: Odyssey.

Batman Odyssey By Neal Adams –

In this episode, we return to Neal Adams’ world of… we still haven’t figured out what. All we know is there are dinosaurs and it was weird. Joe finally gazed into the Troll hole and the troll hole gazed back and trolled him right back. Sly’s racial insensitivity continues as he struggles to understand the complexities of the troll and gnome social hierarchy. Ryan’s entire world is completely shattered when he learns the final fate of David the Gnome and launches the spin off, GI Amish.

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Theme Song: Troll Toll from The Nightman Cometh